Friday, May 27, 2011

My Kindergarten Graduate

Today, my sweet girl graduated from Kindergarten.  I know it doesn't seem like much, but it was for us.  This year was a big transition for us all.  I missed my girl from the first day she walked into that classroom.  I gave her over, for the first time in her life, to another person to teach and care for my little girl for more than an hour at a time.  I knew she would change and grow and learn so much.  I also knew she would learn some things on the playground about friendship and hurt and forgiveness and some ugly things I've been wanting to protect her from and she has, but I trusted that she would be ok.  That God would be with her as I prayed over her every day that He would protect her and use her for His good in her classroom and on the playground.

Every day I picked her up from her school and she shared with me about her day, who she played with, if she got the model-musician award for the day (which she often did), what she learned in tech, the library book she picked out, and if what I made her for lunch was good.  I watched her share what she learned with her brothers.  She loved to show us every single paper she brought home.  And one of my favorite parts of my day was sitting with her as she did her homework and read her library books each night before bed.

I also watched her become so much more confident.  She lost a little bit of her shyness, though not all, and I watched her learn and explore her new school and friends.  I also watched her become more aware of what the other kids thought of her and if what she wore or said would be accepted by her peers.

We counted the E's (for excellent) on every report card, celebrated with her as she won the juried art show in her age bracket, received the character award for graciousness and courtesy, and recorded every recitation, concert and event she was in over the year.

I am SO, SO proud of this girl.  Oh, how she's grown.  While I know she is going to miss her friends and teacher, I, myself ,am so glad to have her at home every day for the summer and I intend to make her time at home special and fun and creative before I send her off for her second year.  Wow, time really does fly. 

Wasn't it just yesterday I was snuggling with her and singing with her in my arms and rocking her to sleep each night? 

Anyway, it was a big year.  And a good one.

So, I present to you, our kindergarten graduate.

Walking in before the ceremony.

Emerson's teacher, Mrs. Uzzell, whom Emerson loved and we are thankful for.

Singing their graduation song to us.

Walking up to receive her diploma.  Mrs. Uzzell also shared each student's strongest areas.  Emerson's were reading and creative writing. 

A well-deserved cupcake!

 Emerson was a little down when we took these last few pictures. Just a few minutes later, she said her last goodbye to her teacher, who is moving away. As she was saying goodbye, she began to cry and gave Mrs. Uzzell a great big hug and then ran and buried her head in my shoulder and cried. :( She's gonna miss her and her first year of school. It's been such a great experience for all of us.

Then we celebrated in style.  Grandmommy, Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate, some new friends came to eat lunch and play with us, and then our family took a little trip to Ft. Collins to play at the park (where the temperature was a whole 20 degrees warmer!) and have dinner out together.

I love this girl and love watching her grow.  I swell with pride when I look at her.  I can't wait to see all that she sets out to be and accomplish next year, but for now I will enjoy my days of summer with her!

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Stephanie said...

So proud of all of you...where does time go? Congratulations Emerson!

Rachel said...

Those pictures bring tears to my eyes. They do grow so fast -- hold on. Hold on, hold on.

And she looks so proud {which she should} -- so that makes the pictures even cooler.




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