Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Landen's First Bath

Isn't he beautiful? Hopefully he won't hate me too much someday for posting this!

One week and 4 days

First, I'd like to say that the last post in my blog, Jon actually posted. After recently viewing this post, he and I had a little talk about the pictures he chose to share! And now he knows that next time he needs to consult with me the pictures of me he decides to share with the world! So I apologize to you who were, yourselves embarrassed, or even embarrassed for me because of the very scary pictures. :)

Anyway, that said, here are some pictures of my sweet boy and his older siblings that Jon took today. Landen is proving to be the most wonderful baby. He's just beautiful for starters and is, so far, very mellow and content most all the time. He's getting a little bit better every day with his night sleeping and he makes tons of the cutest faces while he is dreaming (which is what he is doing in the picture of him smiling).

Here are my three beautiful ones!


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