Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Neon Ballerina

Way back in December Emerson's ballet class asked the students' parents to buy their costume for the end of the year recital in May.  She gave us a dollar amount (which, to me, seemed a little steep) due the week before Christmas vacation.  We weren't given any choice or any pictures about which costume they were ordering, so it would be a surprise when they were finally passed out three weeks before the performance.
Last year, Emerson's costume was so sweet, little girlish, yet still elegant in a little girl way.  We put her hair in a bun and she got to wear a little bit of makeup (which she LOVES to look forward to) and our sweet girl was adorable performing her ballet dance on stage.

So this year, when she came home with her costume (again, I had no idea what it was going to look like), I was, umm, a little less than thrilled.  The costume itself wasn't so bad, it was the neon pink wig.  I know that really probably isn't a terrible thing, but I guess I just pictured my sweet girl looking a little more... sweet!

However, my thrilledness (I know, not a word) went up a notch or two, though, when I saw how absolutely tickled and excited she was that she was wearing this blinding bright pink wig to dance in.  And, of course, once we got her dressed and her makeup on, I could sense how excited and proud she was to be a part of her special day in a costume and wig of her favorite color.

By the way, I didn't ask her to pose once, she can just be a little dramatic sometimes (plus it really was kind of chilly outside!).  :-)

Introducing Emerson, the neon pink ballerina!

P.S.  Her recital was great!  She did a beautiful job!  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pictures during the performance and we didn't get our video camera working in time (still learning how to use that part of our camera!), but trust me when I say those little girls were incredibly sweet in their neon tutus and wigs.  :)


J.Hamilton said...

Oh man, some of those pictures you can REALLY see the 16 year old Emerson...scary!! She really knows how to rock the pink wig:)

Sandra said...

Haha! Jen, my mom said that exact same thing! It IS scary!

Sandy said...

Man, oh man! She's so cute...!

Melissa said...

SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!! I'd be thrilled to rock that as a dance costume...hmmm, Halloween may have just been inspired by your sweet girl ;)


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