Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink TuTus and Blue Ribbons

My girl has had quite an exciting few days this week. 

Mondays are ballet days and this week she received her excruciatingly long awaited costume for the spring performance.  We ordered this thing back in December and she has asked every single week if it was the week that she'd get her costume.  Well, Monday was the day!  I won't post a picture of it just yet, I'll save that for the performance, but I can tell you that she is very excited about the color!

Every month Emerson's school holds an assembly to honor a number of students who exemplify certain character traits.  Each month features a different character trait and only a few kids from each class are honored for their outstanding character in this area.   This month's character traits were graciousness and courtesy.  And guess who got an award this morning?  You guessed it!

I'm so proud of this girl! 

And finally, tonight Emerson's artwork was displayed at the school art show.  Remember this post?  My parents as well as our great friends, Matt and Shelly with their boys, came to see her art displayed. 

Tonight her piece along with other students creative and beautiful artwork were showcased, judged, and then awarded based on originality, design and composition, technique and use of medium, use
of value and/or color, presentation and emotional impact.

And would you believe she got Juror's Choice (which is the highest honor - even above first place)?!  She did it! 

Here are a few pictures from the night.

 Unfortunately the ribbons that were ordered for all the students who placed didn't get here on time, so she didn't get her blue ribbon tonight, but will in the coming days. 

It's such a beauty to see her hard work awarded and be recognized with her family and friends to cheer her on. 

Way to go, Emerson!  I'm so proud of you (today and everyday)!


The Ennists said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! I love her painting, she deserved that award!

Littlebit said...

Sandra & Jon..I think her award for graciousness and courtesy speaks volumes for ones parents. I know how proud you are of Emerson, and you should be. What an honor! She's so sweet looking. And I presume you will get her art preserved and framed? :) So sweet. My congrats to a beautiful young lady.


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