Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My kids (as, I'm sure, have yours if you have kids) mispronounce or just misunderstand some of our common every day words and like the good parents we are, most of the time we don't correct them.  Matter of fact, we have adapted some of their language into our own vocabulary!

For instance, the word "chapstick" is now "lipchap" to all in our house.

Our hamster, Lenny, has been re-named to Lenerny.

Commercials are comarshmallows.

And squash, the vegetable, is now referred to as smush.

These are just a few!

Then there is a case with Landen where the words "walk" and "rock" come out as the F-bomb.  "Bench" (which we have on our front porch) is another one - I'm sure you can use your imagination as to how it comes out.  Oh my!  So, unfortunately in this instance, pronunciation lessons are a must - in between giggles and laughs coming from Jon and I as Landen yells, "I want to walk to the bench!"  Ha!

There are some concepts that my children create, as well, that are sometimes hard to correct because they sound so sure as they are announcing their discovery.  (And again, sometimes we don't correct them!  Is that cruel?)

Just yesterday Braeden came to me with this idea that formed in his imagination and the following conversation ensued:

"Mom, when I'm a Daddy, will I have hair on my chin?"

"Yeah, you will, buddy."

"Because when we become daddy's there are sticky holes on our chin and then our hair will fall and get stuck on our chin, right?!"

And in the next breath, before I could answer him, he continued:

"And, Mom, when we turn 100, we'll die to heaven and I saw a comarshmallow yesterday and it said that if lightening comes down and hits us it'll make us die, so lightening will get us when we're 100, right?"

Ummm... where do you start with that?  Die?  Did he just say die?  Ummm... hmm.

And while I was trying to formulate how I was going to approach all of this mis-information handed to me from my 4 year old, his mind had already moved on to the next topic of if girls are called ballerinas, what is a boy ballerina called?

Sheesh! How do I keep up?

What are some of the mispronounced words or misconceptions your children come up with?  You know, we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried!

P.S.  For the family reading, here are some pictures of the boys I took yesterday (or maybe the day before, I can't remember!) riding their bikes on the driveway and playing with umbrellas in the sprinklers and a sweet one of Emerson.


GriffithsGang said...

In our house, cartoons and (temporary) tattoos were both called raccoons for a long time.

Launa said...

Thanks for stopping by... I've been slacking on the blog hopping lately!
Kids are such a crack up, huh? they do say the funniest thing!!
Your pictures are beautiful!! What do you shoot with?
BTW - the site my mom used for my daughters book is


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