Monday, May 02, 2011

Grown-ups Only

Coming home to my children after being gone a day or two is one of the funner moments of life.  I love hearing them yell, "Mommy!" and running for me full speed.  Or sometimes the older ones like to hide and jump out and scare us when we get home, and of course we act surprised. 

Love it!

I got to return home to my babies just yesterday.  We walked in the door with promises of a surprise for each of them and were rewarded with hugs and kisses and "Guess what, Mommy?!"  And then, because of the time of our return, and to their dismay, we had to do the bedtime routine and tuck our little ones to bed shortly after.

And then Jon and I got to collapse.  We were exhausted! 

It was such a GREAT weekend.  We have 3 other couples that we consider our best friends.  And each time we are able to spend time with this life giving group, we give thanks for their friendship. 

This past weekend marked our 2nd annual weekend without kids!  Last year we all went to Vegas.  This year was scaled down a little, but no less fun.  Actually, for me, I think it was more fun.  I laughed so hard at one point that I cried (UA!!) and enjoyed an incredible dinner where we relived that hilarious moment as well as shared stories, drank wine, and ate wonderful, delicious food (have you ever heard of The Melting Pot?!). 

Clockwise starting at the top left:  Tod and Tammy, Matt and Shelly, Bill and Jen,  and Jon and I.

Amazing food at The Melting Pot

This was followed up with a walk in Old Town in Ft. Collins.  We tried to find a jazz club under a restaurant called Hu Hot (is that how it was spelled?) and were successful, but found that it was so packed that we decided to continue on our walk where, instead, we found an abandoned piano with a sign that asked for someone, anyone to play it.  And instead of jazz, we got to hear our friend, Matt, re-sing the song that he wrote for his wife for their wedding day (aww!).

A walk around Old Town.

The next day was filled with sleeping in, more funny stories around breakfast at the hotel and a Rockies game (which was so cold!) where we all enjoyed a hot dog and peanuts and more of each others company.  :)
The Rockies game!
A great weekend, indeed!   And, like I said, ended with my kids running at me with excitment that I was home.  What a blessing this weekend was to me!

My husband and I!

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