Monday, May 09, 2011

sweet baby faces, a sunny day, and giant mosquitoes

Finally, FINALLY spring seems to actually be settling in here.  We spent most of all of our day outside yesterday raking, fertilizing, and watering.  The kids brought out their own toy tools and were also helping with some breaks in between with sidewalk chalk and scooters in the driveway.  It was beautiful!

We are lucky to have our best friends as neighbors and they were out doing their own yard work yesterday and all of our kids were playing together outside.  Shelly is a photography hobbyist and during my own break, she was teaching me some things about my camera, and the only little one outside not running around searching for giant bugs to catch was her littlest, so I practiced some of my newly learned camera settings on him.

He's such a cutie!

One of my favorite things about Braeden is his imagination.  The limits of his mind and the things he can do in pretend is endless.  And as I mentioned, he began a search yesterday for bugs, which turned into mosquitoes, which turned into mosquitoes with giant pointy noses, which then turned into giant mosquitoes that were knocking down our fence to suck out all our blood (not only does he have an imagination, it's definitely a boy imagination!).  And, as is the course of personalities of my kids, this transferred over to Emerson in the form of fear of all  bugs.  And since I had my camera already on hand, I was a slightly insensitive mom and captured a little bit of that fear of potential blood-sucking creatures.  :)

Isn't it funny how different our kids can be?  One ventures outside and finds adventure and excitement and my girly, sweet one turns cautious and worrisome about the welfare of all that are outside with her!  And Landen, he could care less about what's going on with bugs, as long as he's running, he's all good!

As they grow I can pinpoint more and more of these differences in the substance of their personality and enjoy the variety God has placed in our family.

And then there's this guy.  It's possible that I'm going to get in trouble for posting these, particularly the one where he is looking at the camera, but I can't help myself.  :)  I love this face and especially his blue eyes.  And for the record, he isn't angry in this picture, just squinting into the sun.  Like I said, a beautiful day!

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