Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mission Jaw Surgery: FAIL

Ever feel like you've been through emotional whiplash - from one end of the spectrum to the other and then back again?  I found myself in the middle of this metaphor this week.

I geared myself up and tried to prepare as much as possible - emotionally, mentally, physically, I cleaned my home, I prepared to say goodbye to my babies, thought hard about how I was going to handle it when I got home, made sure I had all the right prescriptions and things I needed for my return...  (If you're new or don't know what I'm talking about click HERE if you you'd like to catch up.)

We left for Denver Sunday.  We flew from Laramie to Denver where we were to catch another plane straight into Santa Barbara, where my surgery was to be held.  We got to Denver on time only to find out that our flight to SB had been cancelled.

After an hour in the customer service line, we found out we were one of the last people to make the only other flight out there that day.  WHEW!
However, two hours later, our flight was delayed a few hours.  And then a few hours later, it was delayed again.  And then an hour after that it was delayed again.

Long story short, we made it, but not until 2 the next morning.

Up again at 6 and out the door to grab a quick bite and head to the surgeons.

Once there, the friendly nurse took pictures, x-rays, and impressions.  I filled out several forms, answered many questions.   After 3 hours, we were let go for lunch to return in 2 hours for another 3 hour appointment of going over the details of surgery together with the surgeon.

However, when we returned, the doctor and nurse both came into our room and said we needed to talk.  I knew something was wrong.  He took a deep breath and explained.

Apparently I have an abscess in one of my teeth.  It was not there a few months ago when the last scans at my orthodontist were taken.  I was JUST in the dentist last week where they also took x-rays.  I don't know how you miss an abscess, but apparently they did. 

I couldn't help it.  I cried.  In the middle of the office until I could get out and to the bathroom to let it all out alone.

I felt so let down.  I had done everything I was supposed to and could do to prepare for this.  Friends and family had rearranged their schedules and agreed to the very hard task of taking on 3 extra kids.  I had worked through anxiety and fear to get to this day - only to be told to go home.  It was hard to hear.

Thankfully the doctor and nurse were very kind and seemed genuinely sorry that this could have happened.

So the plan?  We came home yesterday.  Monday I go to an endodontist to have a root canal (which I don't know what exactly that entails - I really need to do a quick google search - but it sounds awful).

After four weeks, they'll take x-rays and if all looks well, we'll schedule surgery and try again.  And go through the process of  preparing myself again.

It's tiring just writing it out!

I'm choosing to believe, however, that it just wasn't the right time.  Between all the trouble on Sunday and just being sent home, it just wasn't His time.  Perhaps he was protecting me from something - perhaps he was preparing me for something else, I don't know.

But I choose to trust in His timing.  And I ask for peace as we continue on toward the next surgery date.

In the meantime, we had an extra day before we could fly out of SB so we had a little fun - went to the beach, we drove down the incredibly beautiful coast to Hollywood Blvd, Beverly Hills, ate at a Hard Rock Cafe, and picked up some souvenirs for the kids.  Jon and I had fun and enjoyed each others' company. 

My favorite part?  The excited screams of "Mommy!  Mommy!"  and the giant squeezes around my legs and neck when my kids met me at the airport when we got home.  By far my favorite.  :)  And I suppose I'll have that to look forward to again!

I appreciate all your prayers and those who have helped or encouraged us somehow.  It's been unbelievably helpful.  Thank you!

So, though this isn't really a vacation post, here are some of the pictures we got while we were there anyway.  :)

Here's to next time!

This is the first moment my feet have ever touched the Pacific Ocean!

It was so beautiful with the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.  Just breathtaking.

I loved this tree on top of this big cliff above the ocean.  I think I love the sweet couple gazing out together a little more.

This is one of the cutest stores I've ever seen.  Check out all it had inside in the picture below.

Seriously, how adorable are those cupcakes?!  

We took this one just for Landen, the one who loves Mickey, a.k.a. Hotdog.

One of the more exciting moments of the trip - my very first visit to In-N-Out!

Finally, a silly one I snuck in while Jon was talking on the phone.  :)

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Meredith said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that....

But there will be the perfect timing.
I will be praying (still) for all of you!!


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