Thursday, August 11, 2011

Choosing happiness

Happy, I'm sure it's no surprise to you that my kiddos make me happy.  What else?  My sweet and so supportive husband, friends who sacrifice their time for our family, s'mores pizza (seriously, so thankful for this treat tonight! ;)).

Sometimes I have to choose to be happy, however.  It doesn't come as easily as with big neck squeezes from my favorite little ones or feeding my extreme sweet tooth craving with a piece of heaven in a s'mores pizza!  With all the weight of the upcoming months my choice in some moments is either to be overwhelmed, frustrated, and sad ... or to be happy with where I am right in the moment.  And let me tell you what, there are these little things from where I'm choosing to feed my happiness.

Some of those things:

These are where I found my happiness in the midst of anxiety and stress this past week.  Along with the choice of peace that only comes from Jesus.  Happiness has been a constant choice.  But I'm genuinely glad when I choose it.



Isabella said...

Beautiful photos. I totally understand about 'choosing to be happy' - it does take effort some times!

Carrie Saindon said...

Love your optimism!!


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