Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell, summer vacation!

The last day of summer vacation is meant to be a fun one.  Today we had waffles for breakfast, rode our bikes (a very long way) to a park, pizza for lunch, a visit to our good friends' lemonade stand and oreos for a snack.  Up next?  I'm not sure yet, but we're working on making this last day of summer a full one!
Perhaps some swimming or another bike ride (easily our favorite summer pastime)?

And of all the pictures I took this summer, the ones I caught this morning are some of my favorite.  I think the friendship between my kids was captured well - with one good fight in between that was also, hilariously, captured.  :)

I hope you also had a fantastic summer break, enjoyed your last day of "freedom" (whenever that actually was), and good luck in the upcoming school year!  It seems these first days after summer vacation affect everyone somehow - there's a buzz of excitement and a renewed energy floating around.   I welcome it in.

Farewell summer, we hope we ushered you out well!  Welcome fall and new school adventures.  We're excited to see you!

Does it make me a bad mom if I find this quite hilarious!  Ha!


I'm not sure what the topic of discussion was, but they were both very involved!  :)

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