Monday, June 20, 2011

Yep, I'm quite alright

1.  Father's Day weekend was wonderful (click here).  Celebrating my husband and dad was great, but Jon and I also celebrated our 9th anniversary (a few days early) by eating at one of our favorite restaurants and then a movie together and staying at my sister's house for the night - all without kids (a shout out to Jon's mom and sister for watching our kiddos!  Thanks again, guys!)

(This is a repeat post of this picture because I love it so much!)
 2.  Experimenting with my camera and the settings have been a major time suck for me lately because I'm LOVING it!  Posing my kids,learning about light, reading and reading and reading about aperture, exposure, ISO and film speed, and taking good pictures has become a new hobby for me and I am THOROUGHLY enjoying it.


3.  Savoring my time with my kiddos has become a priority (it always is, but even it's even more intentional lately) as I'm anticipating leaving them in August (I know, still a ways away!) for 2 and a half weeks - the longest I have ever, and ever plan on, leaving my kiddos.  Unfortunately it's not by choice, but by necessity, and so I'm soaking in the fun things we're doing and capturing the moments so they can refer back to these memories in a book I'm creating for when we're gone.

Soon, those teeth of mine will be very different!  And to be honest, I'm looking forward to it!

4.  Today I begin watching a sweet little boy again, whom I've been watching for about a year except for a quick three month break while his mommy had a brand new sweet little girl!  We're lucky to be watching her, too, as my kiddos are SO, so excited to help me with this new sweet little one and I can get my baby fix by holding her and loving her every day.

5.  Learning to ride a big boy bike can be tough and discouraging at times, but with the help of a great daddy and big sister, one can make big strides and gain the confidence they need to do it on our own!  My big boy, Braeden, doesn't quite have it down, yet, but he's getting close - and definitely before the end of the summer.  Learning to ride a bike with two wheels is a big deal around here!

I'm linking up today with Carissa at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday.  Click on the link below to check out her Miscellany and many others.

Have a great day, friends!

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Elizabeth said...

Aw, what cute kiddos you have, and beautiful pics that camera takes! :)

You will have a gorgeous smile! I remember when I had braces and I couldn't wait till they came off. You will find yourself smiling all day! :)


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