Monday, June 06, 2011

God's dollhouse

I always, always think of great things to write here when I've relaxed and am laying in bed at night and about to doze off.  Do I ever remember them?  Nope.  So I settle for the random thoughts that are popping into my head now.  :)

Up first,  I pray for my kids every day.  Lately, my prayer have been leaning strongly toward grace.  I pray that they'll see people for the substance in them, for the circumstances of life that surround them, and for circumstances they may never know about them.  I can be such a judgmental person at times and lately I've been strongly reminded that we will never know where people's decisions originated from, why they chose the choices they're sticking with, and that every mistake I can point out in their choices and character, I have ten times as many poor choices or flaws in my character that I can willingly, to myself only, admit.  We are all human and I pray hard that my children will grow to know unconditional love and grace, so that they are free to love and have no motivation to feel a false sense of self-satisfaction when they find the faults in others.  And I pray that from this place of humility, they choose to serve. 

Do you teach your kiddos about humility and grace?  If you do, how do you do this?  I'd love to hear some real examples of how to demonstrate this to my little ones.

My sweet girl was not feeling well.  She started off fairly strong and quicky faded as the day progressed.  And since I've begun writing this post, I've already had to go into her room as she's woken up from sleep in tears because "nothing feels good."  I hate, hate when my babies feel so badly, but I love, love that I am her mommy, whom she wants to snuggle and pray with when nothing feels good.

Summer vacation, at least what I think of as summer vacation, has arrived!  Today was a perfect to lay in the grass outside for most of the morning, eat our lunch outside, and even set up a sprinkler in the afternoon.  The excitement of playing with a new water toy was enough to push away any discomfort of a (strong) breeze may have brought on their cold, wet skin.  80 degree weather and the fun of wearing swim suits for the first time this season was genuinely fun bringing about giggles and exhilarating gasps as they got up the nerve to let themselves get sprayed directly by this cold, cold water (they asked a few times if I could turn up the warm water.  Haha!). 

Braeden came to me yesterday morning as I was just waking up (as he is always up before I am - before I desire to be, really - at 5 a.m.!) and brightly asked, "Mom, did you know that we live in a doll house?"  Nope, didn't know that!  "We live in a doll house and we are God's dolls!  He makes us move around and talk.  Right, Mom?"  (He almost always ends his declarations of his discoveries in life with, "Right, Mom?" these days.)  Wow.  Pretty deep, Braeden.  There are probably some who have probably asked themselves and contemplated this thought deeply, but a four year old... hmm..  I just responded, "I don't think so, buddy, but someday it'll be fun to play with God, and maybe even dollhouse if you really want to, maybe."  And he was content with that.  I so wish I could follow his thoughts for a day. 

And finally, I have no great story for this except that my two year old is becoming his own little person.  He's beginning to have a sweet little fashion sense showing his awareness of what I'm actually putting on him these days and there are times he has a say.  Today was one of those days!

He insisted (in his two year old little tantrum way) that he wear a pair of shoes he found deep in his closet.  They were the shoes that Braeden wore for my sister's wedding.  He wore them ALL day.  I thought he'd forget after nap, but that was not the case!  Anyway, it was kind of cute.

Well, I think I've used up my random thoughts for now.  :)

Oh, but I'll ask again to remind you,  do you consciously teach your kiddos about humility and grace?  If you do, how so?  My inquiring mind would love to know.

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Stephanie said...

I understand your desire to teach them, and your struggle with yourself sometimes. I live in pretty much the same place. I try to do a few different things with my kids. When I mess up, I apologize to them and ask for forgiveness. I want them to see that even grown-ups make mistakes (and can own up to them). Or if I have a bad attitude, I'll try to explain that too (Mamma is very tired today, so I'm sorry I got grumpy at dinner). Because they have the "words", even my 4-year-old can tell me when he's just having an off day (I'm having a rough day, Mamma, and I'm grumpy tired). The other part is teaching them that we are responsible for our response, not the actions of others. When issues come up with friends at school, instead of saying, "Well, if ______ is being mean, just ignore her.", we try to come up with a better solution. It's convicts me too, as I've had lots of my own struggles with this over the last year. It's easy for us to start criticizing, bashing, and resenting those who hurt us (or if I'm honest, even just get on our nerves), but it's a much greater example of Him in us when we can love them instead. It's certainly not easy. However, I'm willing to try, if for no other reason than that I don't want my kids to have to learn these same lessons for the next 3 decades.

Heart n Soul said...

I loved this and the insight into your life. Sprinklers are the best summer fun and provide wonderful family memories. When my kids were at an age to enjoy this we had a period of five years of drought so they were unable to experience such fun. Enjoy! .... your pics are so sweet and your kids gorgeous. Nice to meet you. I am your latest follower. :)

Adrienne said...

Your family is beautiful! I need to pray for my boys more. I've really fallen short in that dept. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

carissa said...

Well arent you just the sweetest thing! It's such a joy to
pray for our children, isn't it! My most uttered prayer for them is that they understand their need for grace, a savior, Jesus, at a young age!


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