Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little impatience at the park

It has taken a little bit of adjustment having all of my kiddos home with me all day, every day,  for the summer.  I have been anxiously anticipating the full days with my girl again and the fact that so many adventures await our kids TOGETHER instead of individually.   But I also anticipated the disagreements and having to hesitantly share their space and toys all the time again.  I knew it was coming, yet I find my patience short many times.

Several days ago we took a short trip to see my sister for lunch and then enjoy an afternoon at a local park.  The sun was hot with a small breeze and it was perfect for this little children's village that included many spots to wade their little feet in shallow water.  I soaked in the sun and watched as my kiddos found all the fun to be had and places to explore.  The favorite was the aforementioned water spots and it was so fun to watch them explore and feel and find all the crevices of the waterfall and small stream.

It was a perfectly fun afternoon playing together.

However, in attempting to tear the kids away from their fun, I'd lose one of them to another discovery while trying to take another one from their own fun, and then realizing I had lost the other one again.  This happened more than once!  My great mood from our time there began to waver and impatience was setting in.  Then on our way to the car we found a sweet little gazebo and I couldn't help but want to find a great shot with all three of them inside.  In their disappointment of just leaving their fun, they hesitantly sat where I arranged them, but as quickly as I sat them down, they were arguing with each other, fidgety, fussing, and unwilling to smile.

I found myself very frustrated and saying things like, "Come on!  If you would just sit and smile for just one second we could just go!"  and some other unfriendly things.

A good motivator to smile, right?  (Um, it was late afternoon, my littlest hadn't had a nap, I didn't plan well and didn't have any snacks on hand, etc., etc!)

I finally got two good ones, despite the silliness of Braeden and the half opened eyes of Emerson!

Whoops!  Definitely a failed parenting moment and a good example of the needless impatience I find myself in a bit lately.  Many prayers for patience have been uttered this past week or so!  Thankfully,  those prayers have sprouted ideas for keeping our time at home a little more focused and a new routine is being created.  Thankfully, it's helping a little!  :)

Such is the life of a parent - teaching our kids the same things we are also re-teaching ourselves!

Anyway, here's to the rest of our day that was really quite enjoyable!  And another fun adventure to put on our list for the summer of 2011!

I was reminded, however, of how thankful I am that our kids, despite the arguments that sometimes arise, are really best friends.  Really, I'm SO, so thankful and joyful for that (and prayers are being uttered right now that this is a lifelong thing!).

Oh, and I love this.  It's just me and my littlest (and possibly a good picture to compare with after my upcoming surgery? Only 56 more days - I think.)

How do you deal with the adjustment of summer?  If you have struggled with impatience with your kiddos, how do you plan for and deal with that?

Just wondering?  :)

Have a great day today, friends!


Sara said...

Hi Sandra, this is Sara from! The one with alopecia! :) I just read your comment and my heart immediately knew we are kindred spirits! Thank you for commenting! And girlfriend, you couldn't be more does help to know we are not alone! God works ALL things together for good...even the not-so-good stuff! Praise the LORD!

Rachel said...

Love the park pictures! The gazebo ones are great.

Impatience? I just remind them that if they're going to be impatient that I'll find them some work to do. Hee hee hee -- it seems to work everytime.

Blessings to you!

Heart n Soul said...

Fabulous pics...beautiful....all the best for summer as we hit winter!

Micah and SaraJane said...

Sandra - Totally had similar feelings last week as I adjusted to being with M. full time again. By Thursday I was exhausted, lacking patience, and second guessing myself constantly as a mother. Thankfully he is resilient and gracious with me. Thanks for being honest!

Heart n Soul said...

Hey Sandra - in answer to your questions..... yes (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi, oi, oi) and yes I took that shot while on safari in truly is a magical place


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