Saturday, June 25, 2011

If I could go back and do it again...

I was standing outside with my friend, Shelly, tonight just talking about our kids and how we both wish we could go back and do all this mommy-ing thing all over again - not because we want to necessarily change anything (though I'm sure there are a few moments I'd like to take back), but because we want to take it all in once more - to more appreciate my time with just one sweet baby, to take my time with her and take in every moment.  I did back then, but now that I know that along with more kids comes more tasks and more responsibility as they get older, I'd enjoy every small moment just a little more, seeing it as a little bit sweeter.  Know what I mean?

With three kiddos now, I sometimes find it harder to slow down and just take it in, breathe in my kids and the little things they do.  One of the harder things for me to do is to sit down and just pretend - particularly with Braeden, since that's what he always wants to do.  I don't know why that's hard for me - I get a little bored and start thinking about all the things I should be getting done and I just don't get INTO it.  But tomorrow I am promising myself to sit down and pretend whatever it is he wants to pretend - that I'm his baby, or that we're camping in a tent, or that he's spiderman and he's here to save me... whatever it is.... and I will play my part well. 

You see, my kids aren't going to remember that the house was spotless or that my fridge was organized, but they WILL remember Mommy playing on the floor with them, pretending, or painting, or reading books, or riding bikes.  Those are the memories that stick. 

SLOW DOWN.  Just be with my kids - which includes no computer, no phone, no facebook, ouch!  Are you guilty of this, too? 

Some of the fun we DID have today:

An extra one I decided to throw in because they looked so cute.  The little one in the middle is my friend, Shelly's little boy, who is best buds with my kiddos. 


Heart n Soul said...

Yes a fun mum is the best memory kids can have.... take the time to pause and play because they really do grow up quick!!!

Stephanie said...

I try to remind myself of the same thing. It already feels like the last 6 years have sped past ~ I wonder who this gangly girl running around my house is sometimes. I can understand having a hard time sitting and being too. For both of my kids, one of their primary love languages seems to be quality time (along with my hubby). Definitely not top two for me. I'm working on it though! :-)


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