Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Summer Days

Childhood summers are built for the fun, laid back, the whimsical, and the spontaneous.

 They're built for playdates and the kind of play that requires baths every night that leave the water slightly cloudy from all the dust and dirt and chalk and grass picked up from adventures outside.  THAT'S the sign of a good summer day.

And the kind of day I wish for my kids each morning as we list what fun adventures we plan to have that day and hope for some unplanned ones, as well.  And they come, and it's fun and beautiful.

With it also comes sunburns and scrapes and that darn nap time each afternoon (which I will not be giving up any day soon!), but I hope that the thoughts of my days at home with my kids over summer vacation dominate their memories when they get older because of the careless and free fun we had over each one.

Home made popsicles!

It's kind of sad, actually, to think that 13 summers total with all three of my kids at home with me.  And really, there are only a few when they'll want and desire to spend these sunny days playing with me.

So we're taking it in now.  I'm so thankful for these sweet summer days with my babies and plan to not take even one for granted.

I'm filled with gratitude to have more visits to the pool, bike rides to the park, cartwheels in the grass and picnics outside to fill our days. 

What fun summer adventures are you taking with your kiddos this summer? 

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Have a happy summer day today!

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