Thursday, June 09, 2011

Silly Daddy

I caught a beautiful moment last night in the kitchen.  
Definitely one of my top favorite moments of the week.  I adore these two!


Linking  up with Rachel at Finding Joy for her Friday Favorites today!  :)
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Launa said...

That last one is my favorite!! What a sweet moment... so glad you caught it!

Carey C. Bailey said...

precious, priceless, and perfection. What great moments captured. With Joy, Carey

Cheryl said...

Those are fantastic pictures! And yes, it looks like our kids are similar in age. Crazy fun, huh?! :)
I'm your latest follower.

Rachel said...

Love it! What a priceless and precious set of pictures to have for your family. The look of joy on both faces is awesome.

Thanks so much for linking up with friday favorites! It was fun browsing your pictures!


carissa said...

Such priceless memories!


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