Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Could it really be?

Spring?  Is it finally here? 

 Playing daddy and daughter cars on the sidewalk says it could be!  Braeden and I played and bathed in the bright afternoon sun a few days ago hidden in the crook of the house where there isn't much wind (on a very windy day).

That box that Braeden is sitting on?  Jon's Christmas present - a just delivered X-Box that he finally decided to spend the remainder of his Christmas money on.  A nice spring package for Jon indeed!

A trip to the park also says spring may have finally arrived.  Braeden at preschool and Emerson at school left Landen and I to enjoy the beautiful morning with friends.
We were the first to arrive at the park so Landen scoped out the slides and headed straight there.  Once he got there, though, another car pulled up with a daddy and his little girl.  Landen had to check out the competition for the slides and swings... or maybe just check her out.  I don't know...
And boy, he has gotten SO brave since last summer.  He climbed the tall, tall slide and went down all by himself.  And when he reached the bottom his friends were cheering him on!

And there was some swinging, climbing, and mirror action, too, along with just plain old fun with friends.

"I pity the foo'!"  Haha!  Just kidding.
 And after all our fun, it was time to pick up big brother and head home for lunch.  

This pick-up from preschool was a little more fun, though, because our book order came in!  This, of course, requires an immediate sit down on the kitchen floor as we walk in the house to discover all that was in our new books, especially the new one about tornadoes!

I'm so anxious for the days when school is out for summer and Emerson can join our daily adventures again. 

And if spring really is here that means flower pots and sprinklers and bike rides are in our near future as well!  I can't wait! 


J.Hamilton said...

Go Landen! Go Landen! And that picture of him making faces at himself in the mirror is fantastic!

Stephanie said...

Love that you're basking in the coming spring! The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Haha! Jen, that was pretty funny. Go Landen! Those boys are so cute. :)

Stephanie, thanks! I spoke too soon! I want spring for real! When the weather gets nicer I'd love to take our kiddos to the park together if you're up for it! It would be fun. :)


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