Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Next Picasso?

One of the funnest things about being a mommy is watching your kids discover the gifts and talents that God gives them, even if only for a time, and go to work on them.  

And in turn I get to encourage and cheer them on!

I may be biased, but my sweet girl is a natural artist, spreading out into different mediums, she loves to spend her free time coloring, drawing, painting, and even sculpting (though only play-doh up to this point!).    She loves to create (which is odd because neither Jon or I can create anything worthy of looking at.  Ha!).

Coming up in a few weeks is her school's juried art show, An Evening of Artistic Excellence.  She'll be competing against other students between the grades of Kindergarten and 4th grade, herself being a Kindergartner.  Immediately knowing she wanted to participate, she chose to paint!


I finally got the materials she needed to submit her work yesterday and last night, as soon as the last plate was cleaned up from dinner, she set up at the kitchen table.  And in her comfortable pink and brown puppy pajamas, she went to work.


She chose to paint flowers.  With spring on the calendar and recent talks  of planting a garden (though who knows when that will be around here - we're expecting snow today!) flowers were the perfect subject for the task at hand!

She chose the colors she needed and the paintbrushes she should use and focused on that paper and went to creating!  And 45 minutes later, she was done and proud of her work!  And so was I!  Again, I may be a biased mom, but I thought it was a work of art!  At least definitely worthy of a spot at the school art show!


Look out future art teachers and shows, 
you've got a work of art, herself, coming your way!


Anonymous said...

That's my granddaughter!!! (She didn't get the talent from her grandmother either!) I'm so very proud of you, Emma! Can't wait to go to the art show!
Love you lots, Grandma

Solana said...

Beautiful picture. She's very creative. So cool that she is entering in the school art show. It's great that you are encouraging it as well. That will help her grow her talent through the years. Thanks for sharing.

Gary and Donna said...

Beautiful picture. I love it that my kids are talanted in art and music when Gary and I have talent in neither.


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