Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

I've been feeling a little "checked-out" today, like I'm running on auto-pilot.  I think it's a mixture of being a little tired and in need of a break in routine,  or maybe just some spring weather to finally grace us... and stay... so we can get a little fresh air without choking on it because of our 50 mph winds.  I wish I were joking! 

BUT, tonight Jon and I are headed to a much needed date night with friends!  Woo hoo!  It isn't often that we get time alone and away from home, so we're looking forward to some food not prepared by our hands and some adult conversation.  
And tomorrow we have nothing at all planned, so plans are to stay in pajamas for a while, eat pancakes for breakfast and play games with the kids (since, again, it's going to be crazy windy and possibly rainy).   Blah!  I know the sun will come again someday...

Oh, and yesterday I started a new volunteer job that I'm going to be giving my time to a few hours a week.  I am so excited about it and after my time in training yesterday it confirms that it's a great and very meaningful place for me to be.  I'm excited to see how God moves!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy your nice weather (since it's usually springy and sunny anywhere but here these days - I'm not bitter.  ;) )!  

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