Friday, January 28, 2011

Wait, Mom, look at me!

Just yesterday Landen was performing his "bring a chair to wherever I need to get into something I'm not supposed to" scheme and looking cute doing it, so I whipped out the new camera to get a few cute pictures of it. 
After getting one picture, Braeden immediately noticed the flash...

Braeden: Wait, Mom, look at this!  I'm silly.  Take a picture of this, too!
Me: Sure, Buddy!  Ok, I'm going to take one of Landen again.

Braeden:  Ok, Mom.  Look at my mouth.  Look, take a picture of this!

Me:  You are silly, Braeden!  {click} ... Landen, smile for the camera!

Braeden:  Wait, Mom, this is better.   Look how STRONG I am!  Can you take my picture?
Me:  You ARE strong, Braeden!  Good job! Ok, Landen, give me your googly eyes!

Mooommm!!  Look at ME!!
Poor Braeden.  He just wanted a little of his own attention with the camera.  To know that I wanted to just have a photo shoot with him.  Mental parenting note:  ask Braeden ONLY to pose for me sometime soon.

But first, I caught Landen (though it's a little hard to see in the picture) jumping while getting BOTH feet off of the ground!  And for this little almost-two-year-old, that's a big deal!
Ok, I can do it!




Yep, I did it.  Did you see that
 And then there's this girl.  My sweet, girly-girl, Emerson, is going to try her hand at sports.  Wednesday night was her first night of soccer practice!  She is now a proud member of the Blue Monsters team with her best buddy, Kendall. 
(Sorry for the shadow there.  I'll point out again, I'm no photographer!)

But she's sure darn cute!
And lastly, my friend, Shelly, taught me a trick to put collages in blogs, so I thought I'd try it out with a few pictures Jon took the other night.  I'm learning all sorts of new things about blogger lately!  Anyway, it's a fun new trick!

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Very Cute, Sandra!!!


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