Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some recent Braeden-isms

Sure, Braeden is my strong-willed child (isn't that the newest label for HARD and defiant and stubborn?).  But while he can be a tough kid sometimes, he sure is creative and boy, can he be funny!  Here are a few "Braeden-isms" I've posted recently on my facebook page.
 Braeden just told us a long story about how his bum caught on fire at school today and the firemen had to come rescue him and then finished by saying, "But don't ask my teacher! You can't ask my teacher about it!"
 So this morning Braeden informed us that he was a wishing fairy who will grant wishes in four days, he lives in outer space, just past heaven, with the tooth fairy (Landen) in a snow fort where he fights away the polar bears. He lives such an interesting life! :)
After school the other day -
Me: Braeden, how was preschool today?!
Braeden: It was good, but I didn't get to play with Eyelash.
Me: You didn't get to play with Eyelash?
Braeden: She wasn't at school today and I wanted to play with her.
...I realized he was talking about his friend Ashlyn! (I've been told Braeden and Ashlyn are pretty inseparable. Glad he and "Eyelash" get along so well together! :) )
Family fun night tonight! Dinner out and slumber party in the living room. And according to Braeden we can have treats together like vegetables or lollipops or something. :)
Just now, Braeden took his Bible out of his room before I put Landen down for a nap (they share a room) and Braeden said, "Mom, I had to grab this Bible first because it tells me how to be respectable and not hit." I love my four year old! :)
Braeden just flew "super speed" to the moon and found a secret spy with eight eyes, but we're not to worry because he's trapped outside. Sweet.
Braeden was just humming a song and when he was done he asked me if I knew where the song was from. I didn't and asked where it was from. He said, "It's from my heart, Mom." :)

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