Saturday, January 15, 2011

Landen-bo-banden buddy

  My Landen.  Also known as Buddy, Landen-bo-banden, and Wanden.  He's my happy-go-lucky guy.  He loves people and loves to pose for a camera.  He is a lovey kid - he can't go to bed or leave without giving everyone a hug and a kiss.  He waves goodbye to everyone in the store.  And I also fully believe that he is going to be a risk taker - he's fearless!  Matter of fact, I can't leave the kid in a room by himself!  A common scene in our house  includes all the kitchen chairs laid down on the ground to prevent him from pushing the chair and climbing into, well... whatever he can possibly climb into!  I got a chance to capture a little bit of this personality with a few pictures I took over the past few days (plus a few more).

Landen with one of my best friend's sweet baby, Aviah.   He insisted on laying with her!

And I just had to include one more of Kristin's sweet baby girl.
And here he is, using that clever push the chair where I need to climb trick!

Painting at the Denver Art Museum
Playing at the Bubble center at the children's museum.  He wanted to try everything!

Wearing Braeden's new engineers hat after we got home from Christmas.

Playing with my grandpa

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