Monday, August 18, 2008

Would you believe...

Would you believe that in one 3-day period one could find out that the house they're buying could quite possibly fall through, their laptop computer would be dropped on the floor and the screen destroyed, and their husband was temporarily paralyzed and an ambulance had to be called to take him to the ER where they were afraid it could have been a stroke? Well, it happened to our family!! This weekend was possibly one of the worst weekends ever, mostly because we were so afraid for my husband's sweet life.

First, about Jon, so that you have all the information and updates. About 1 1/2 months ago, Jon hurt his back while at work. After visiting the chiropractor for several weeks it wasn't getting better so last week the chiropractor ordered an MRI. The MRI revealed he had a herniated disc in his very low back (his L5S1, for you back bone savvy readers). A few days later (which was this past Friday) we went to a spinal specialist. He confirmed the herniated disc and gave us a few options, the most promising of which was injections of a steroid in the space around the disc to reduce inflammation and swelling to allow his back to better heal. Sounded good to us (not pleasant, but the best option!), so at 4 pm on Friday Jon had these injections done. He did great, his back was sore (which wasn't too unusual as it'd been sore over the last several weeks), we went home and relaxed and retired to bed (after watching a few hours of the Olympics, of course!).

Saturday, Jon woke up before I, and being the ambitious one, got ready and spent the next two hours shopping. When he came home, he felt he deserved a good game of rock band (which he really does rock at, by the way) and proceeded to play the drums for the next half hour. I was sitting and watching when Jon, very suddenly, turned to me and with great effort explained that something was not right. I wasn't sure if he was referring to the game or his back or what, but just after he said that the sticks he was playing with dropped to the floor and Jon slumped over. Jon was able to stand up long enough to take two steps toward the couch where he collapsed and from there, could not move. He seemed almost slightly disoriented and complained that his body felt too heavy to move. I immediately called an ambulance. Once they got him into the ambulance, he began to shake (almost spasm) uncontrollably. He had no control over his arms or legs. At the hospital the doctor concluded that Jon needed an MRI right away and we needed to see a neuro-surgeon. He was transported to the Cheyenne hospital where they took an MRI of his neck down and then a CAT scan of his head. By the time he was done with these tests that evening, his body had begun to settle down and much of the shaking was subsiding and he was gaining more control of his limbs.

There, after the doctor concluded that Jon was truly the weirdest case he'd ever seen, he relayed that other than finding an additional herniated disc, everything else looked normal, which was good news, but still cause of concern because we didn't know why he had such an episode. He was admitted overnight and after watching overnight and after Jon had regained control over his now weak muscles, they declared him fit to go home. They concluded that it had to be some sort of reaction to the steroid. Jon is now home, and while he is feeling much better, his body still seems to be very weak and if he's not careful about how long he stands, he gets very shaky all over.

Needless to say, it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life (and Jon's, for sure) and praise God he seems to be ok. The kids were with my parents at the time Jon collapsed so they kept the kids, which was also a huge relief because I knew they were safe and ok while we took care of Jon. And we knew we had several, several people praying for Jon's safety and health which is why, I'm convinced, Jon's body recovered so quickly (in less than 24 hours). So thank you, if you were one who prayed.

And as far as the other stuff. The house appraised for less than it was worth if you know lenders, they won't lend you more money than the house is appraised for. The seller wasn't excited about that (obviously) and didn't think he wanted to sell it for that much less, but he's supposed to let us know today. The chances are very much against us, but we keep praying that out of pure kindness he sells it to us for the appraised price.

And the laptop... remember how I only a month or so ago spilled water on it and it miraculously came back to life? I think the computer is now officially dead, again thanks to me. As soon as we got home from our ordeal yesterday I sat down on the ottomon next to the computer and somehow knocked it onto the floor and completely destroyed the monitor. Jon, once again, was very merciful, even though he knew no surgery could fix the injury the computer sustained this time. So, now we're looking into a new laptop.

All in all, it was a great weekend. And by great I mean anxious, scary, emotional, tiring and possibly the worst ever!


shellycoulter said...

What a long and disappointing few days. :) Hope you feel some relief and closure by blogging.

If you were not pregnant, I'd say we should go for a drink. Maybe a blizzard. :) See you later, today probably!

Erin said...

Sandra, How's the house buying coming along? Did anything ever get worked out? I hope you get to buy the house....Oh yeah! You already have it. What I'm reading must be an OLD post. REALLY OLD. SO OLD, you're kids are practically starting college and you haven't posted anything else!!!!! Love you!

shellycoulter said...

What I don't believe is that you haven't blogged for freaking ever!!! I know I see you everyday...but still!!! COME ON!!! : )

: )


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