Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been like 6 weeks!

Well, I've been harassed about how OLD my blog has become with no new information. So, being as many good and exciting things have occurred since Jon's horrible day (see last blog), I suppose it's time to update you. Or since most all my readers (all 3 or 4 of you) already know whats been going on, it'll be a good place for me to come remember what a great month it's been.

SO, we did, in fact, get our house! And God was looking out for us because after all the hooplaa with our sellers, we actually ended up with a better deal than we even imagined. Wahoo! Our first home! And to boot, we live next to our good friends Matt and Shelly! It is truly a different feeling when you own your own home. It's ours! And we've done things to make it so. We've painted, hung up pictures, and added our own little touches to make it the comfortable home I've come to enjoy. As soon as get around to pulling the pictures from our new camera (woo hoo, we finally got one of those, too!), I'll post them for all to see.

Also, since the last I wrote, on August 25th Braeden celebrated his birthday. Our big boy turned 2!! With two parties (one with my family and one with Jon's), he made out pretty well and enjoyed both his cakes. He got lots of car things which, by the way, is his favorite subject to talk about - just ask him about cars and he'll begin a long, long, mostly understandable talk to you (you don't get to talk, sorry) about Daddy's car, Mommy's car, Grandpa's truck, Grandpa's motorcycle and the garage door. Anyway, all that to say, it was a good week for Braeden, which made it a good week for me! :)

I enjoyed my 27th birthday the day after Braeden's. Mine was much less interesting, however. Although Jon did get me a new Bible - one I've wanted for a while and he even had my name engraved in it, so that was very cool. Oh, and I did get some much needed maternity clothes and beautiful jewelry from my friends and family (thanks, guys!).

We celebrate Big Girl Emerson's 4th Birthday tomorrow!! I just can't believe she's 4 already. She's just so tall now and what a sweet girl she is. She just had her tinkerbell party with her friends on Saturday and had a grand time. Tomorrow she'll open her present from Jon and I consisting of a princess chest filled to the brim with dress up clothes, jewelry, and tiaras. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it! Since we've moved away from the Archers, she just hasn't been able to dress up, which she LOVES to do, since Aliyah always had all the cool dress up stuff. So now she has her own.

And last, we had our ultrasound today. The baby is healthy and strong and growing just as HE should. YES! It's a boy!! I think our wee one (Jordie, as my sweet Grandma has fondly nicknamed him!) wanted desperately for us to know that he was a boy. It was absolutely impossible to miss! It was a good thing we wanted to know! We came home with some beautiful ultrasound pictures and a DVD of our sweet one. Emerson came to the appointment and found out the same time we did as well. I'm sure I'll be carrying the pictures around for a while, so if you'd like to see them, I'd be thrilled to show you! And, if you have any name suggestions for us, please send them along!

I think that's the short of it! Thanks for coming along this fun ride with us and for all of you who have been supportive and celebratory with us and our family! It's good to have you along!

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Stephanie said...

You could always go with your grandma's nickname and name him Jordan. That would fit in with the ends in N theme you have going. :-)


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