Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our little Teddy Bear

Today was our first baby appointment since discovering we have a little one in my belly! We went through the first appointment rigmarole with talking to the financial people, urine samples (I'll have to do this EVERY appointment - yuch!), blood samples, but finally the best part... the first ultrasound! Our little peanut (note: only one, for those of you who teased about twins!) is only 3 centimeters long at this point and on the ultrasound looked more like a teddy bear than anything, but it was an exciting and beautiful site for Jon and I. Our little one was so squirmy, too, let me tell you! Maybe that's why I feel so sick all the time - my tummy can't handle all that movement! :) Anyway, it was a fun day. And the official due date is March 3, 09, however I had Braeden by c-section, so that guarantees that this baby will be a c-section baby as well, which means that this one will be an end of February baby. So, make your plans now to celebrate the arrival of Kelly Baby #3 (a.k.a. our little teddy bear)!

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shellycoulter said...

How exciting! That's exactly what we thought Eli looked like at this stage too. I wrote in his scrapbook that he looked like an "actual size" teddy graham. That's why we call him Lijah-bear! :) It's so sweet! I'm excited for your little one-inch teddy bear too! : )
Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your appt. went well. (I know, I already told you that) I'm glad you blogged about it too though!


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