Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Braeden

So, I've decided to dedicate a blog to Braeden. It's been easy to mention more about Emerson because she is such a talker now (and Braeden is beginning to be) and being a 3 (almost 4) year old, she is discovering her true personality and with her vocabulary expanding every day the combination of those things creates great moments to remember and note.

But onto Braeden, my sweet baby Braeden, who really isn't a baby anymore. He turns 2 in a little over 2 weeks, which is truly hard to believe. Time has gone by faster this time around, probably because there are two, and maybe because Braeden is much more of my, should I say, active child! He was born in August of 2006 and from the beginning was a talker. The first weeks he was home we discovered that he is always making noise. We also learned he DID NOT like to sleep and was always moving. And now, almost two, he's evolved into a wonderful sleeper, still is always making noise, and moves and climbs and throws and runs more than even I'm able to do!

One of the things I love about him is that he is always singing and talking. At this point, I can understand 90% of the things he says, most of which usually makes me chuckle and many times makes me break into laughter. Some of my favorite Braeden sayings, in no particular order, are:

"Watch, otay?" -- He always prefaces this to ANYTHING he may be doing. He wants me to watch every activity, small and large, at all times.

"Bubbles, not today." -- And shakes his head vigorously as he says this. He has this unusual fear of bubbles in the bath tub. I honestly think it began when someone (Jon!) turned the jets on in our bathtub once to make the bubbles bigger and better, thus giving a scary association to bubbles! So, every single time I say it's time for bath, this comes out.

"Right there, see it?!" -- He loves airplanes, trains, tractors, trucks, lawn mowers, and motorcycles (such a boy, isn't he?) and every time he hears or sees one of these fascinating machines, he says, "Bopane, Mommy! Right there, see it?!" (Bopane is Braeden's word for airplane) Now the funny thing is, many times he cannot see the things that he's hearing, but no matter, he always follows with "right there, see it?!" pointing in a direction of one of our windows regardless if that's where the object is or not.

"Good morning, seester!" -- Every morning, this is the first thing Braeden says at the first sight of Emerson. It's one of my favorite things to hear.

"Luz you, Mommy" - Now, these words have to be some of the sweetest a mommy could ever hear, and it is.

"I run away." - The great thing about this is that he says this before he does this. This, then, gives me a chance to get him before he runs away. It's great!

A few more things to note about Braeden. He is ALL BOY. He's rough and tumble, has a classic little boy laugh, can run seriously fast, can throw EXTREMELY far (I have witnesses to this), and his favorite things are trains, tractors, and cars. He loves his car pajamas. Everytime we get out of the car, he tries to race to the drivers seat so he can "drive." He loves to throw balls through his basketball hoop. He is also a lover. Whenever sister is crying (unless he caused it), he gives her a hug and a kiss. He adores babies (and is most surprisingly good with them) and "holding" them. And best of all he loves to snuggle and cuddle, which I am very thankful for.

What a combination, huh? What a sweet, wonderful, strong little boy he is. And here you have just a little glimpse into what a beautiful little boy God has created and lovingly gave to Jon and I. Oh, how I love him!

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Anne said...

What a wonderful picture you painted of Braeden with your words. Braeden is a sweetie as is sweet Emerson. XOXO


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