Monday, August 11, 2008

Braeden Continued

I read back over my blog and realized while I got some of the cute things Braeden does, I didn't expand much into what's made me love him so deeply. Let me make clear that there is nothing that Braeden could or couldn't do that would make me love him more or less. God has placed in me, very graciously, the knowledge and understanding that I love this boy unconditionaly, but these are some of the things that God has been doing in Braeden that just get me right down deep in my heart about this boy.
First, he has such sweet blue eyes. It's those blue eyes that seriously can change my mood in a matter of seconds. And he's very good at using them already. He just tucks his head down and looks up a little and then that's it! If I was mad, I can no longer be. If I had things in my mind I had do to, I stopped. If I were sad, they immediately lift me up. It's true.
I love that when he gets hurt, he only wants me. I love his sweet hugs and sometimes slobbery kisses. I love listening to him play by himself in his room. Every once in a while, I'll hear him laughing when he's all by himself and just knowing how happy he is makes my heart fill. I love how he talks about church and Jesus already to Jon and I. He calls my Bible, Mommy's Jesus, which to me, is incredible because we have never taught him that. When we read the Bible, it's his and Emerson's kids' Bible, so I didn't even know he knew what that book was, but he's connected the dots somehow.
He can sing from memory several praise songs. Granted, they're not always understandable, but if you listen closely, he knows them. He'll sit at the piano sometimes and "play" and sing to all of us.
I think I already shared how he loves to console anyone who is crying. I love the tenderness he's showing now when he's so little. Yet he's no wussie (is that a bad word?). He's tough. Matter of fact there have been a few times when he's taken a digger and whatever he's done has made me just cringe to think of the pain and just wait for the tears to come and instead he just stands up and keeps on playing.
He loves to read books, as do I. So many times he'll keep bringing me book after book to read until I have to stop so I can get some other things done. He's also great at "reading" them himself.
He's clever. If he's stuck with something - can't reach something, can't get something to work, or whatever, his mind gets to working and he does his best to find a solution. I love to watch him think.

If you haven't gathered already, I love my babies. I'm so thankful that God has placed in me this strong desire to love and care for my kids. They evoke such emotion and passion in me. And what a gift that they are my full time job, too! I really have it made. So, sorry about all this mushy, gushy stuff. After writing and re-reading my last blog, it just got me thinking about all the beautiful things in my kiddos. If you're just now reading, you should go back to Braeden's first blog as well as the Beautiful Frizzy Hair blog and Sweet, Sweet Girl blogs. You'll see why I'm so blessed.

Hopefully this will have gotten the cheesy mushy, gushy stuff out of my blogging system so that you'll want to come back and read more and know they won't all be like this! In the meantime, know that my kids are the best and they make my and Jon's world so much better!


Anne said...

I love the mushy, gushy stuff when it comes to my grandbabies. You could never write too much about them for me. :-)

Stephanie said...

You do have two amazing children! I love that you're willing to go on and on about them -- that's the joy of being their mama! You are a great mama who is daily instilling so much of the Lord within your kids; I love that! Love on those little ones for me today!


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