Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing catch up

A week goes by quickly and much can happen - especially when I have nothing to document it with!  It seems our week kept chugging along, though I felt I couldn't keep up and had no computer to keep track of all the pictures I was taking, documenting the moments worth storing away!  Thankfully, our trusty old laptop is back in our possession for the time being until the part we need comes in and I reluctantly have to hand it back again to be fixed. 

So, here is a quick recap of life since the last time I wrote.

 S'mores for an overnight camping adventure had in the backyard.  Emerson, Braeden, and I all slept in the back yard in a tent for one night.  Slightly lumpy, but fun!  (S'mores were devoured inside to avoid being eaten by mosquitoes ourselves or making a big mess - as seen above- on the floor of the tent where we would be sleeping!)
 Catching two sweet moments with my girl.  She was so pensive while gazing at those flowers and just a few minutes later was playing so sweetly with Landen in the yard.

 Our attempt to take our kids to one of their favorite places failed - they were closed - so we settled for the next best thing - the playground at the school near my parents'.  Emerson and I got some time by ourselves while they boys played on another piece of equipment before we all met up again and Jon and I got to watch our kids play together in a somewhat rare 15 minutes or so of pure fun and no fighting!  :) 

 My brother-in-law's family were in town and we got to enjoy the 4th with them!  Relaxing in the backyard of my parents' home swinging in the hammock, watching the kids run around and stick their feet in the pool on such a hot day, and eating some barbeque while enjoying the company of extended family - fabulous!

 Spending some time with some great friends we haven't seen in a while!  It's a beautiful thing to see our kids pick up their friendship right where they left off - within minutes these girls were putting and pulling ladybugs on eachothers' noses.  

 (Eating raspberries right off of the bush!)

 Oh yeah, and we bought a new car and I got a new tattoo - both of which I have no pictures of - but trust me when I say they're both cool.  :)

What a week, eh?  
It makes me happy to look over these pictures - sweet times with friends and family.
That's what it's all about.

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