Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enjoying some of the little things

It's a fun thing to pop the memory card from my camera into my computer and watch the pictures pop up.  I love to remember and remind myself what moments I captured the past few days, finding some nuggets to blog about or put into the online scrapbook.  Unfortunately, today was not one of those days!  Haha!  I didn't find much and that has to do with the fact that I somehow managed to lose the lens cap to my 55 mm lens and I'm too much of a chicken to take it out if I can't cover it with a cap (you can ask Jon about how I like to ruin our electronics, like this time).  I tried using the original lens, the one that came with my camera, and it just made me miss the 55 mm lens, so I wasn't too motivated to shoot, though now I wish I would have because we've been up to some pretty fun stuff.  Play-dates and picnics at the park, a small trip to the local green house, sprinkler marathons, and bike-rides.  May not seem exciting to the average person, but to see the excitement in my kids' eyes when I reveal whats coming next makes me anxious to fulfill what excitment they are eagerly anticipating.

Oh, and a great big milestone reached this week:  my big boy is now a big boy bike-rider!  I LOVE seeing the pride in his face every time we gave him a big WOO HOO and cheer him on.  I also loved seeing Emerson cheer him on and encourage him, too, telling him what a great job he was doing.  And two days later he took his first family bike ride on his OWN bike all the way to a nearby park and back (with some riding at the park in between) for a total of at least 3 miles.  Whoa!

One of the funner parts about parenting: potty training.  Landen doing the potty dance:

And here are two sweet boys at our friend's birthday party.  Neither one of these boys are the birthday boy (I never did catch a good shot of him), but these little ones are such good friends, too, and looking so cute with their frosting covered lips.  Who can resist babies and frosting.  The perfect combination, right?

 Discoveries at the green house:

The cowboy Landen insisted on saying hi to!

Those lady bugs were a hit.  These things are as good as pets to my kids.

Have I mentioned before the strength and agility of my littlest?  I know many kids can do this, but he seemed to hang there forever!  Or maybe it seemed forever when the fear of the distance between his feet and the ground seemed to loom in my mind.  Not to worry, though, Jon had his back.

Ok, so maybe I got some good ones - a few I had forgotten about (from the last upload) until I started writing. 

One last thing - I just want to thank those of you who contacted me through my blog, facebook, and messages with your encouragement and love.  Thank you.  I was genuinely moved and touched by some of the words sent to me and from whom they came.  I am thankful for such good friends and the technology that allowed me to share a little of my heart and get so much in return.  I hope someday I can return the favor to you.

And I so appreciate your prayers next month and the months following.

Happy Wednesday to you! 

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