Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Slumber Parties

First, I just want to say I have been overwhelmed by all the pictures, video, and stories coming from Japan this past week.  It is constantly in the back of my mind with thoughts of families who can't find each other and homes destroyed.  It's easy to get swallowed in all of the tragedy still occurring on the other side of the world because I try to imagine the fear and heartbreak that those people are in the middle of, but I can't.  I am comfortable in my home, surrounded by my healthy family so I can't possibly understand what it is they face.  Though I am reminded at how quickly and easily it can be taken away.  I've watched video after video of the moments the quake and tsunami hit.  It's just so amazing and awe inspiring. 
 We think we have it all under control, but we don't.  Disaster can strike at any moment despite how strong or prepared we think we are.
 (I've actually decided that I need to turn it off.  My mind has been filled with those images and it is distracting.  My heart aches for those people and it can be consuming sometimes.  I'm resolving to be thankful for the good things around me.  Not because I should stop caring  - because I do, so much! But I've decided it's healthier for me to detach myself from it for a little while.)

I'm again reminded to cherish what I have been blessed with.

And right now that is spending Spring Break with Emerson and Braeden.  It is so good to have them home.  Watching them enjoy each others company and being stricken by the friendship these siblings have.  I love it!

We've also enjoyed having slumber parties.  This time, though, it has been with me!  This just means they get to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed with me and stay up a little later than their siblings doing fun things.  First it was Braeden's turn.  Our plan was to read a book and possiby watch a short show, but our time together turned into a talking session with Braeden doing much of the talking!  And I tell you what, this boy could run a marathon with his tongue!  Kidding aside, it's really one of my favorite things about Braeden - his imagination and curiosity that guide his stories and questions and give me a glance into his little mind.  I also think one of Braeden's love languages is quality time and he thrives on the one on one time he gets with Jon and I.  So, Braeden talked and talked and asked questions until he finally just stopped and said, "Mommy, let's go to sleep now."  But wait - then he remembered one more thing he wanted to ask - then again told me we should go to sleep, so we did. :) It was a great time with my little boy.

The next night it was Emerson's turn.  And her choice of fun activities?  A make-up party!  I put make-up on her and yes, I let her put it on me.  And then we took pictures of each other.  It was a fun time of making each other look "beautiful." 

 And yes, she did take pictures of me, but as beautiful as she made me I'm not quite confident enough to post those!  Haha!

And yesterday morning, Jon took off from work and we all went swimming together. 

The week has gotten off to a good start and there's more to come this week celebrating our good little friend's birthday, who is turning 4 and then my grandpa's birthday this weekend who is turning 81!

I'm taking these days of spring break as slowly as possible as to enjoy every moment with my kiddos. 

And I'm looking towards summer! 

P.S.  I heard Blogger is going to do an overhaul soon.  Kind of excited about that! 

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