Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Someday she'll stop asking

It's the same every night.  Curtains are closed and her desk lamp is switched on.  Snuggled on her bed, Jon reads a chapter out of her most recent book outloud.  I get her a cup of water.  Then she snuggles down under covers, adjusts her purple unicorn pillow pet (the only pillow she'll sleep on as of late), and then asks, "Will you lay with me?"  Sometimes the question is directed at me.  Sometimes Jon.  Every night.  

Many nights there are so many things for me to catch up on, to finish for the day.  And it's easy to say no.   "No, sweetie, remember all the dishes on the table from dinner?  I need to get those cleaned up..."   That's almost always followed up with a "Please?!"  It's easy to think of a good reason why I shouldn't tonight - I don't want her to need to have someone to lay with her in order for her to go to bed at night (a bad habit!) - or there really is so much I need to get done!  

But I've been trying to pepper in some yes's in the midst of all those no's.  

And every time I do, I am SO thankful that I did!  It's during this time, in the quiet when we're still and snuggling together, that she spills the details from her day.  For a six year old in Kindergarten, the details sometimes include who was mean to her that day, or what instrument she got to play in music, or how good her lunch was.  And it's a beautiful, perfect time for me to weave in a reminder of how God may have been working through those circumstances in her day.  And to tell her how much I missed her that day.  

And to think, if I had said no, I would have missed those words shared between us. 

Someday, she won't ask me to lay with her anymore.


I LOVE my boys with all of my heart and soul, but there is just something about my sweet girl - about US girls.  There's something special about that.  And I treasure the time I have with her in the quiet at night before she drifts to sleep.  Oh, how thankful I am to be this girl's mommy.


Jon Kelly said...

She's so sweet. One of my favorite things is when I lay with her and she snuggles up and puts her arm around me. She's so little she has to stretch, but it is too sweet to pass up. You're a fantastic mommy!

shellycoulter said...

Yes...I've learned that it is always better to say yes. I've never regretted it. The dishes will always be there but these kids of ours are growing way too fast! I've given in to rocking Simeon to sleep almost every night! I love it!

BTW ---Eli wants to marry this sweet little girl of yours! :) And you're giving me Baby-Girl fever. Although I'm betting I'm destined to live in a frat house! Haha!

Nathalie said...

I love this. I often struggle with feeling too compelled to make my kids independent that I forget that they're small and they won't be forever. Bed time is an ordeal in my house, but like you I've learned to love the quiter{er} moments that happen by night-light. Continue to live in the moment!

Shell said...

What a sweetheart!

They do grow so quickly, we have to enjoy the little moments.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry! She is the sweetest girl (next to her mother)! I recall the times we read before you went to sleep, and I wish I had laid with you longer! You are an awesome mom, Sandra! Your family is very blessed to have you! Love you more than you know, Mom.

Anonymous said...

You are so wise, Sandra.
Just about the time she stops asking, you will have tons of time...
Treasure her now.

Melissa said...

^.^ Heartwarming. Love this.


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