Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Word Wednesday — Nostalgic

One Word Wednesday at Aspire

I stumbled onto Aspire, a blog, today.  I've been following her mother for a while at Finding Joy and have enjoyed reading and learning about her life and family and lately, her sweet boy, Samuel, who is very close in age to Landen.  Today she linked to her daughter's blog for a weekly meme she's started called One Word Wednesday (you can go to her blog to find out more how it works).  This weeks word was nostalgia.  This was easy for me because I have been stumbling into many bouts of nostalgia lately!

I've been missing my babies.  Not because they're away from me, but I miss the baby part of my babies.  I'm missing the time I had at home with all three of them (if you know me or read my blog lately at all, you've probably gathered that by now!).  So, the past 6 months, since Emerson has begun her first year of school, have been rather nostalgic for me.  

The sweet:  I'm watching my kids grow - becoming smarter, more social and busy as I run them here and there for their ballet and soccer practices.  I see them grow to understand God more in their childlike ways.  They find new ways and words to show their love for us.  Emerson is becoming quite the artist, Braeden is such a hilarious story-teller, and Landen is so fearless and adventuresome... It's amazing to see all that they are discovering as they are learning life.  I love being able to see how they're growing verbally, physically and emotionally and socially ....

The bitter:  I want to keep them small, to slow the time for just a little while.  Or even go back and get to do it again.  Emerson is in kindergarten now and it's a little ridiculous, but I still have days when it brings tears to my eyes as I watch her run into her classroom, eager to see her friends and learn new things. 

It is such a cliche, but time really does fly!  It goes by way too fast.  I try to take in every moment now, because someday I'll ache for these little ones of mine to be running around our home, singing, playing, yelling, and even the fighting and crying.   I know someday I'll wish for it all back, because I already do!

So here is the picture that came to mind for the word 'nostalgia.'  I took it during a sick day when Emerson was home because of a fever.  Everyone stayed in their jammies.  Emerson, Braeden, and Landen were able to play almost all day, even during her bouts of not feeling well.  And it made me miss our days at home together when they were smaller.  

My growing babies - a very bittersweet and nostalgic thing indeed!


Rachel said...

I love this picture. There truly is such nostalgia captured in the two of them, side by side, playing. It will be a treasured photo for sure. :)

Time does go so fast. It does. Sometimes I wish to just hold on for a moment longer.

Blessings on your Wednesday!


TV's Take said...

Some days I wish time would stand still and others I wish I could fast forward. thanks for stopping by and sharing about your childhood. Now following you back!

Sandra said...

Rachel, thanks for your encouragement! :) I began really reading your blog when Samuel was in the hospital. My littlest one, Landen, is also two and had a similar experience early in the summer last year. I know how hard it is to see your baby be sick and I related to your posts so much! I'm so glad Samuel has been feeling better and I enjoy reading your words. :)
Hope you are having a great weekend!


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