Friday, March 04, 2011

Sick Days

Oh, the joys of wintertime!  Stewing in our our germs at home while it freezes outside!   We spent almost all of last week with sickies in our house.  However, while I don't ever wish my kids sick,  I did relish the time we had at home together.  We stayed in our pajamas all day, had warm soup for lunch, snuggled and watched movies, and read books together.

My favorite thing, though?  It was (between doses of Tylenol) seeing Emerson and Braeden play together all day like they used to - before Emerson was in school all day.  Of course they play together after school and on the weekends, but not the kind of play where the story lines of pretend are drawn out all day...

It gave me the bittersweet feeling that reminiscing about the days when they were little usually does.  It was a good reminder to never wish my days away! I loved seeing these brother/sister friends play together! 

They were so engrossed with playing with each other they didn't even notice that I was taking pictures!  That's some good playing!

And tomorrow we celebrate Landen's 2nd birthday!  A "hot dog" party is in the line up with good friends and family.  Hot Dog is how Landen refers to Mickey Mouse (you know... hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!).  

These are the best of times!

P.S.  You Are My Sunshine... 

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Solana said...

Ahh, love it. You are my sunshine is my kiddos' favorite song. We sing it all the time. He's growing so fast. What a cutie. I enjoyed all your pictures too. Priceless moments. So cool.


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