Friday, February 03, 2012

Some Friday Favorites

As much as I talk about how fast time flies and how I wish I could hold on to these moments, which is still true, I think I feel an equal amount of excitement as I watch the dynamics and relationships grow and change as the days pass by.  My conversations with my kids, Emerson and Braeden in particular, get to hold substance beyond the short simple answers and vague conversations they used to.  And with it, the level of trust and friendship doesn't necessarily go up a notch,  but perhaps just a few notches deeper, if that makes sense.  Anyway, one of the new things I've so enjoyed is the notes that have become a habit of being found on Emerson's white board.  Everyday after she goes to school I check it.  Every day when she gets home, she checks it, because there is bound to be a continuing conversation about our days left on there.   It has quickly become one of my favorite things.

Sister and brother roles have made their adjustments, too.  One of their new pastimes has become Emerson reading her big-kid chapter books to Braeden (can I just throw in Junie B. Jones - hilarious!), which inevitably leads to a lesson in phonograms and how to sound out words, which made me feel kind of bad for Braeden because he couldn't just enjoy the story, until I realized her little lessons were working!  That kid can sound out words to both read and write pretty well now!  Who knew?!

Guess my job as mom is done!

Braeden has rediscovered his love for his stuffed animals (I've noticed the trend of certain toys continually going in and out of style).  These guys showed up to watch a movie with us the other day.

And then there's this kid.

Landen.  These days, this is how bedtime goes down.  Face snuggled into the soft side of his green pillow pet and my right hand cupped around the chub of his left cheek.  Soon, he begins to smack his lips, a signal that his eyes will soon be blinking their final blinks.  It's then that he tries to hold onto those last moments of consciousness by fidgeting around, rubbing his head and running his fingers through his hair.  Then, its my cue to take his hand, settling those figity fingers, and I give it one last squeeze, almost magically sending him off to dreamland.

Almost every night ends like this....

And since I've already got two pictures of this sleeping baby, here's just one more...

I don't think the joy of breathing in my kids as they sleep will ever fade.  

Oh, and I'm going to take a cue from several of my bloggy friends and do a Friday Phone Dump.  These are all pictures I've taken with my phone and are on Instagram (if you are, too, my user name is sandra_kelly)!

Until next time.... :)

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