Friday, February 10, 2012

Room to breathe

(Not the best composed picture, but I love his baby face with that awesome after-nap hair)

Wednesday evening Jon came home from work, and upon seeing me sitting, quite exhausted, on the couch  he ordered me (in the most loving way) to leave.  He said I could do whatever I wanted and stay out as long as I wanted. 

This mom didn't wait.  I grabbed my coat and my Kindle, hopped in our family mini van and left, having no idea where I was going.  

I decided to take advantage of this rare freedom and did something I never got to do - I totally went to the Wendy's drive through, got myself a large fry with a frosty to dip them in, and a coke (I know, pretty crazy, huh?).  I found a semi-secluded parking lot.  I sat, ate my perfect blend of salty and sweet dinner, and lost myself in some of my favorite music. I thought, played a little on my phone, thought some more, and thoroughly enjoyed my solitude for a few hours.  I did NOTHING and it was fantastic!  

Seriously, I should do this more often.  I need to room to breath and to just be sometimes.  It was good for my soul (as lame as I just realized sitting in my car for a few hours really does sound!  Ha!)  

And after I returned home, Emerson (who was the only kiddo awake by the time I got back), Jon and I critiqued and judged the contestants on American Idol before retiring to bed.  A good ending to my night.

I have heard many times that in order to be the best wife to your husband, mom to your kids, and friend to your friends, you also have to remember to take care of yourself, too.  It's true.  You do.

Some other things from this week:

Silly time with a mirror.  Have you ever watched a child look at themselves in the mirror?  The enhanced drama in our conversation when their reflection is near or the discovering of new funny faces, freckles, and teeth in their mouth is fully entertaining for both them and me!

And I may have played a little, too.

My littlest is turning 3 in just 10 days! It's completely unbelievable and shocking that my baby will be 3, but here it is, his 3rd birthday just around the corner.  And like I have with my other two, I had grand plans and ideas for his birthday pictures
Wyoming weather, however, had other plans.  Surprised?  No.  But after this attempt in the cold, which lasted all of 2 minutes before his little nose was red and running, I'm just waiting for just ONE nice(r) day to get these ideas I have into photo form for this special day.  

And last, a few I snapped with my phone!  (All of these are on Instagram.  If you are, too, my user name is sandra_kelly).  I have to say, I'm loving having this phone to whip out in those instances where I want to catch something in a quick moment.  

Heading to Cheyenne this weekend to hopefully snap some good ones of my favorite sister, her husband, and the two sweet babies in her tummy.  Praying the weather holds out!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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