Friday, July 10, 2009


The other day on twitter, I was clicking through someone who knew someone else who knew someone else and saw a tweet that caught my eye about a little five year old girl named Kate. After following the link on twitter, I learned that her family was getting ready to go to a waterpark on June 29th and noticed a tremor in her hand and took her to the doctor. After a CT scan, the doctors pulled her parents aside to break the news that she has a malignant tumor on her brain and they needed to operate right away. Since then, I've been following their story on their CaringBridge site (click on CaringBridge to be taken to their site) and maybe because my daughter is so close in age, it made my heart ache . My heart broke just imagining if it were Jon and I in this situation and fighting for the life of our sweet little girl.

After reading a little more, I realized that their friend, Brian Wurzell (who is a worship pastor at a huge church in Chandler, AZ), began tweeting and created a youtube video about Kate and began a humungous wave of followers. Word of this little girl has spread so far and wide that people across the world as well as all of the Women of Faith speakers, several Christian artists, and even Dr. Phil is twittering and posting their video on their blogs and sites.

And then after another short time of following a link and finding another and another, I found a song that was written by Audrey Assad specifically for Kate (whom I love the sound of her voice and I plan on finding more of her stuff). She said God had laid the lyrics on her heart one night and shortly after He gave her the melody. It brought tears to my eyes. I tried to embed the song on my page, but I couldn't. Instead, you can follow this link to listen to the song. . It's just beautiful.

God is surely using this little girl's life to bring about His glory. I will continue to pray for this sweet little girl and follow their journey. You can, too, at .

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Nancy said...

Yay for blogs! I love them, it let's me be a "fly on the wall" in your life--good way to keep in touch...and now I'm following you on follow me if you like...although sometimes I swear, so be prepared! But I can be funny once in awhile...;)


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