Sunday, July 26, 2009

Braeden's First Big Digger

The first big "digger." Every kid has one. Emerson had one when she was one and a half and now Braeden has had his turn. The kids stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's last night and my parents brought them home this afternoon. When I got home, I saw this :

I guess he was at a full run out front of my parents' and turned the corner on the sidewalk and took a faceplant. According to my dad he didn't have time to even put his hands in front of him to lessen the impact. You can see the bruise and a little scrape on his nose, but what isn't so clear is how big the bruise actually is (down to his eyebrows) and how big of a knot is protruding from his sweet forehead. Poor baby. Hopefully no one will think I abuse this poor kid!

For fun, or at least an awww, here is a picture of Emerson's first big digger when she fell off the step on the porch of the Archer's house a few years back in 2006 - Note the similar bruise on her forhead and the skinned lip! Thank goodness our kids are so resilient!

Updated : Ok, I was reminded that this was not Braeden's first digger, but a major one, anyway. :)


James said...

The first thing to go is thee MIND!

Sandra said...

Grandpa, you're so funny. I missed seeing you and Grandma on Saturday! The day ended up being so long and not exactly what we had planned, but I was thinking of coming within the next week to see you guys. Would that be ok?

James said...


I'm a man of few words

James said...

I foregot I'm a man of few letters also.

Two? Letter Words

To, it, up, at, as, um, hi, by, on, oh, ha, no, us, me, my, he, so, do, ok, ho, ya, da, na, yo, si

Sandra said...

Oh, Grandpa! Haha!

:) :) :)


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