Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bedtime things...

So, I think one of my most favorite things in the world are the talks that occur when I'm putting my kids to bed at night. Every night before bed we have a ritual of singing songs and praying together before hugs and kisses goodnight. Lately, for fun, I've been asking them, "Who loves you?" and it's been fun naming all the people we know that love them and then finishing with who loves them the absolute most - God! (Dad, if you read this, the first person Braeden ALWAYS names is you!)

Since we've been mentioning how much God loves them, I've come to think that Emerson has been exploring in her own mind how big God is and His love for us. I think this because she's begun to "number" our love. She tells me that she loves me 102, to which I respond, I love you 500, and she says, I love you 525, and it goes on. When she numbers God, though, it's this great made up number like one-thousand, three hundred and four, one hundred, twenty-two, three! Or something like that. Isn't that awesome? I'm glad that, for how little she is, she gets that God's love for her is huge!

Another thing I love is singing with my babies. Both of my kids have their favorite songs and I hope I remember the moments of hearing their little voices sing with us at night. Some of their favorites are Oh Holy Night, Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee, She'll be Coming Round the Mountain, I Love You Lord, and my favorite, Emerson's made up song of the day (most of the time it's a song we already know that she's replaced the words to and it's usually about love).

And last, their prayers. They both like to pray and when they do, it's always in their own unique way. Now, when Braeden prays, we usually have absolutely no idea what he's saying. He whispers the whole time and when he's done, he gives a big AMEN! I love it, especially because he usually makes it really long. So long sometimes, that we have to encourage the AMEN part a little early. Emerson, on the other hand is short and sweet and almost always consists of asking for us to have a fun day and praying for great-grandpa, granny, great-grandma, and grandmommie.

These are the things I hope stick with me forever. And until they get too old, I will always keep doing our everyday "bedtime things."


shellycoulter said...

These are the beautiful things in life that we have to etch on our hearts in hopes to never forget! :)

Jon Kelly said...

Our kids couldn't have been luckier to end up with a mommy like you. I love just seeing them interact with you and how tender it is. Sometimes, I think it will overwhelm me. I love you Sandra!


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