Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hiking with a ham

Since shaving my head, it seems like I've been standing in that moment - feeling  the freedom and perhaps a rushing current of life sounding like loud applause for that moment in time.  I guess I've been enjoying the little details of life a little bit more, my senses heightened to the things I really have to be thankful for.

(By the way, friends, some of my hair seems to be wanting to start to come back.  I've been finding some smidglings - my best made up word - of peach fuzz and even some dark stuff coming through in a few spots.  Yay!)

Yesterday we decided to take a hike.  We left our little down and drove 20 minutes to a gorgeous park with amazing views and these crazy rock formations.  We've become those people who live here that rarely take advantage of whats so amazing and so close to us.  (So, in the last 3 weeks, we've gone 3 different times! Yep!) Yesterday, we explored and applauded when we found ground squirrels and ooh'd and ahh'd at the beautiful scene around us Braeden likes to call "the nature."

There's something about "the nature" that calls out the free spirit in my kiddos and convinces us to leave irritation and bad attitudes behind at the car.  Figuratively and literally a breath of fresh air.

We were daring, squeezing through small gaps between gigantic rocks and crouching through caves where foxes and wolves must live.

Landen just wanted to celebrate the fact that I had a camera for him to pose for with a few dance moves.  And I applauded him greatly after his show was over.  

(Such a ham, he is!)

Our little excursion made us late for dinner, baths, and bedtimes, but as we tucked our kiddos into bed, tired out ourselves from our adventure, I enjoyed knowing when we wrote on their calendars for that day, that that was their favorite part of the day - and mine, too.

I've decided to challenge myself to find new 'adventures' every day this week.  I'm going to search for something inspiring to take pictures of, or take a walk somewhere in our little town that we haven't explored yet.  Maybe I'll create something new to hang in our home.  We'll see.  I think my soul will thank me for it!

And maybe then  I'll also be inspired to blog again (I've really kind of missed it the last several weeks!).

Oh, and I must add briefly a good reason to celebrate life - the birth of my new niece and nephew (and I'll take this moment to tease my friends who have asked if they were identical.  Haha!  ;) )

And, I have to say my heart was stilled a bit when my sweet girl held those babies for the first time.  She is already such a little mama, but holding those teeny babies in her arms... Ah!  

And Braeden, who was so apprehensive about holding them was so sweet and gentle (and I believe secretly pleased with himself).  He was a natural!

It's a treat to see my babies loving on these precious tiny babies.  

So, things I've been thankful for this week: family hiking (especially with the ham), teeny tiny babies, my babies holding babies,  and finally hitting publish on this blog again!

What are you thankful for so far this week?  What adventures might you seek out?  I'd love to hear!



Grammy Braxton said...

So, so glad you are back. I've really missed your blog. Right now adventure seeking is taking a rest as I'm having trouble walking any distance but I travel by way of my blog reading and thoroughly enjoy my trips with all of you. I am very thankful today for the rain (finally) here in Tennessee. I am also thankful for my 3 special grand babies and the one that will be arriving in late January. I love my children but grandchildren open up a whole new place in your heart. Take care and keep blogging. : )

Melissa Harrington said...

DANCE MOVES!!! I love them! Love them! Tongue out, a little 'drop it like it's hot' action - oh man! What a cutie! Glad you're enjoying "the nature".


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