Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

My big boy turns two today.  And, oh, how much he's grown in the last year!  His mostly small vocabulary has doubled,  his mischievousness has tripled,  his climbing abilities amaze,  his love abounds, his stubbornness is beginning to show itself, he always says thank you, he loves his brother and sister more than almost anything, and he loves to be tickled! 

I can't get enough of him.  

I love to hear him say, "Pray, Daddy!" every night before bed and "I love you, Mommy!" several times a day.  I love that he holds my hand.  He can't sleep without his blanky.  He wants to do it all himself!  

If I got a dollar for every time I have pulled him off of the countertops (after he's pushed the kitchen chair right underneath the cabinet he needs to get something out of) I'd be rich!  

Earlier this year he gave us a scare with a trip to the hospital in July (his little body wasn't absorbing food and eventually his little tummy just shut down making him so dehydrated and so sick!  But he was such a trooper, smiling all the while he felt miserable.) 

He can count to 13 (without skipping any numbers sometimes!) and loves to color, particularly on our table.  

This kid LOVES to dance.

He loves our hamster, Lenerny (his version of Lenny) and will chase his little hamster ball all over the house.

And of course, Landen loves Hot Dog (a.k.a. Mickey Mouse). 

I am truly thankful for my sweet boy.  He compliments the rest of us beautifully.  :)  

Happy Birthday, Landen-bo-banden!!

 P.S.  Here is a funny video (taken with Jon's phone) of him dancing for our family while visiting his great-grandpa!  


Solana said...

So sweet. He's doing so much. It's so amazing what they learn in two years. He reminds me a lot of my daughter Grace. Thanks for sharing.

archerwyomrs said...

So fun Sandra! Thanks for sharing!!


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