Saturday, September 11, 2010

I think I'm back!

I've been blogged out. After all the pitfalls of our last year, I stopped reading everyone's flowery, pretty, perfect life blogs and quit writing my own. I was in a rut in life (see my previous post) and it was hard for me to share our own journey and equally as hard to read about the perfect lives of those I were "following." So I quit - Yeah, I know, sounds selfish, self-centered and a little angry and I admit, I was all those things. It was definitely a time for searching my life through, and figuring out what was going on with me and what we were looking toward.

So here's an update since the last post: Jon got a new job at the University as the Coordinator of Scheduling (he schedules all the on campus classes for each semester as well as overseeing all of the technology in the classroom building). It all but makes up for our financial shortfall we found ourselves in last year and so far he is doing great and really settling in there.

I am now babysitting a sweet little boy about 15 or so hours a week. It's a double blessing! While I've enjoyed it (and so have the kids!), it's also been another provision from God - the amount I'm making each month just covers are current monthly payments for my jaw treatment.

We are still looking forward toward (and I can sometimes still let myself get a little overwhelmed and anxious about) my surgery next summer. We're still not sure how we're going to do it financially (and there's no backing out now!), but I'm trusting that somehow God will provide. This surgery isn't an option for me (even though insurance seems to think so!) and God has brought me to this point and I know that He will see us through it. Your prayers are appreciated!

All that to say, God has provided! There was a short time where I didn't feel Him in my life if I'm to be honest (despite my knowledge that He was always there), but He continued to provide despite my doubt and anger. Thank goodness for His grace. And slowly He's been bringing me out of my doubt and anger and showing me what I have to look forward to, which is so much. I feel like I've been enjoying my family more again and watching my kids grow and experiencing all sorts of new changes in our life...

Ok, enough rambling. Here are a few pictures from the last few months.

** Ok, some experienced blogger needs to help me figure out how to format these pictures a little easier. I have issues every time!

Celebrating Braeden's 4th birthday.

Above: Playing at Frontier Days this summer.
Far left: Emerson's first day of Kindergarten (she was a little nervous!).
Left: Aunt Katie and Emerson.

Daddy and Landen

Right: At the hospital while Landen was sick. We never did figure out what it was!
My mom and Landen at Braeden's birthday party.


shellycoulter said...

Yay for blogging again~ :)

I can show you how to format the pics really easily! :)

shellycoulter said...

ps...blogging really helps me reflect and be purposefully thankful for all the blessing surrounding me. To record the day to day things that I want to never forget. Hope it is a refreshing little activity for you too! :)


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