Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swimming... Check!

Well, we can check swimming off the list (of my previous list from my last blog including zoos, parks, and swimming), although, I'm sure this isn't the only swimming venture we'll have this summer.

Today, we had a family night with our church which consisted of swimming and dinner together afterward. The kids had a great time with Daddy (I stayed out of the pool with Landen)! Emerson can wrap herself in the noodle and swim like a fish (well, not really like a fish, more like a drenched skinny preschooler paddling with all her might, but she's good at it!) all around the pool. Braeden, my little daredevil, wants to do it all himself, without any help, which is very scary sometimes (Ok, go ahead, Braeden, throw yourself into that deep spot right over there. I know you're only two and can't swim, but it'll be fun! Sheesh!).

Anyway, here are some snapshots (sorry Matt, you made it into one. Hope that's ok! Don't worry, I'm pasty white, too).

This is Braeden saying "Look! I'm smiling!" after I threatened to take him out of the pool if he didn't smile for me. I know, great "mommy-ing" right there, but that's how it gets done! :)

And this is an extra, but too cute not to share. She wanted to be a princess today, so I let her take her fancy tiara she wore at my sister's wedding (see that little thing on her head) from my jewerly box and wear it to play outside today. She really is a princess, though, you know, at least to me and Jon. :)
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Matt Coulter said...

Hey, who you callin' pasty white?!?


Sandra said...

See that guy in the top picture behind Braeden. That guy. See? Pasty white!



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