Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grandma Margaret (updated)

Well, it's been entirely too long since I've blogged - even if it is the sole reader (Hi, Grandpa!) who has asked me to update! :)

There have been a few reasons for my lack of blogging this past month and a half. First, though, it's with sadness I report that my sweet grandmother Margaret passed away on November 21st. She had been dealing with Parkinsons disease among other ailments for as long as I can remember. She's always been strong, but I can celebrate now that she is with our loving Father and she is pain free and home.

My family has been joking (kind of ;-) ) that she is singing with the choir in heaven. She loved music and loved to sing. That's one of the things I loved about her. She passed on that love to her children and from there it traveled to her grandchildren, including myself. Matter of fact, some of my fondest memories of my grandma are of her asking to listen to me play piano, attending concerts when she could, and making me practice as a kid (which I didn't appreciate so much then, but sure do now!). My Aunt Donna (Grandma and Grandpa's oldest daughter) reminded me of that this week, that she was always so supportive and shared her love of music with her family. I so wish I could have heard her sing in her younger years.

Another of my favorite memories is from only a few years ago. Since graduating college I have helped my grandpa with his books for his business on and off through the years. I began when I was pregnant with Emerson and once I had her, Grandma welcomed me to bring her with me when I did my work with Grandpa. She would sit with Emerson in the living room and even though she couldn't hold her because of the Parkinsons, she would entertain her from the chair. Singing, smiling, and laughing with her. Grandma loved Emerson. She loved all her great grandchildren. I have tears in my eyes just writing about it. Does that tell you anything about her? :) She was pretty great. It was amazing (and I use that word sincerely) hearing of her life and all she had done, accomplished, and the people she touched while at her funeral. Her life is well celebrated. And matter of fact, at the funeral I also learned that when she was younger and working for the 1st Presbyterian church in Cheyenne, she organized and cataloged their music and the music library there continues to this day.

Here is a picture from 2005 of four generations of girls.

I'm so thankful for her life and who she was to me.

Her life is celebrated and she is missed!

**** Something I meant to mention and forgot: my grandma emigrated from Scotland when she was in her early 20's (any family correct me if I'm wrong on that number), which has instilled in all of us a great pride of our Scottish ancestry and has allowed my family to travel and see where my Grandma is from and meet her brothers and sisters.
I always loved her teaching me funny little words that she used while in Scotland and I still sing a Scottish folk song to my kids that she sang to hers.
She had a great sense of humor and something I learned recently (and was surprised to find out!) was that she loved to watch pro golf!

Anyway, thanks for reading a few of my favorite things about her. She was pretty wonderful.

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