Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beautiful Frizzy Hair

This morning while getting ready, I thought I'd use the diffuser in my blow dryer (for you beauty illiterate people, it's an attachment for your blow dryer that is supposed to give you extra "body" and be better for your hair). Thinking I'd be improving my look, I was shocked to see the reflection in the mirror after I had set my blow dryer down! I came out from the bathroom sporting a frizzy, crooked, rats nest on top of my head. Throughout the morning I kept glancing in the mirror trying to salvage my mess to no avail (thank goodness I had nowhere I had to go today!).
Emerson caught me during one of my moments of trying to mend my head and said, "oohh, Mommy, your hair looks pretty," and went on to tell me I was beautiful. Sweet, sweet girl. In her sweet naivety, she expressed to me Jesus' love and grace and gave one more beautiful example of how Jesus asks us to be like little children.
Now, you may be wondering where I find the connection or that I'm silly for even trying to make this connection from such a superficial thing as my hair-do, but when she told me I was beautiful, I knew to my sweet little girl, it didn't matter how I looked, she knows her Mommy is beautiful to her. This is also how I know in my head, yet not always in my heart that Jesus also views me. And not only when I'm having a bad hair day. It's when I'm having a bad mom day, or a bad wife day, or a bad friend day, or even a bad Jesus follower day. I know this may seem elementary to you, but it was just a nice reminder. It was God telling me, "Sandra, I love you today." It was also a good reminder that I need to remember that about others as well. That while they may not be making the right decisions or are doing something that would annoy me, or whatever, they are still beautiful to God despite the things going on around them (and yes, even if they are having a bad rats-nest hair day), which to me is very grace-interpreting.
So, having said that, I quit worrying about my hair today (again, I also had nowhere to go, so that helped) and I crouched down and told Emerson that no matter what, she will always be beautiful to me, too.


shellycoulter said...

Good thoughts Sandy K. I'm glad Jesus spoke to you through your sweet baby girl. That girl sure speaks a ton of wisdom to you and Jon for only being three years old. Makes you understand what Jesus was talking about when He says you have to become like a child. :) Love you girl!

oh yeah...thanks for the info today. It was right where you said it was! :) Hope you guys had a good day today...sure I'll talk to you tonight or tomorrow.

Whitney said...

thanks so much for your encouragement Sandra! Your blog was really neat too. I think that after all the attacks the Enemy tries to launch on our marriages, it's so good to see our husbands the way the Lord sees them: not just as men, but redeemed saints that were created to carry out a piece of His plan. Thanks for sharing your heart too! Love you.


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